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All through the years of working as a singer and an artist, I have carried with me a big dream of recording the beautiful music of Bacharach.

But why the Music of Burt Bacharach?
This music has been a part of me since I started listening to it when I was only four years old.

At that time, I got tuberculosis while staying with my family in Qatar, and the doctors overdosed

me on locally prescribed medicines.

Through Bacharach's great music I felt so much happiness, and I often sang and listened to his

wonderful music on my cassetteplayer.




Later, in my teens, I practiced and played the drums to the music of Bacharach. When I started touring as

a singer in Spain,and later in Norway, I also sang these nice songs as a part of various performances.

I have recently finished my album (10 songs) with Burt Bacharach/Hal David's songs in

Norwegian(May 2018).
Great to feel the "flow" again, working toghether with so many great musicians and such a great producer!


ingvil trommer.jpg
Ingvil liten_NY.jpg

It felt magical to listen to Burt Bacharach in Denmark/Copenhagen 2016! His son Oliver, also played in some of the songs. They are so great! I also got the chance again to meet Burt Bacharach and Oliver Bacharach backstage. It was magical -all together!







Ingvil and Burt Bacharach
Ingvil and Burt Bacharach in conversation about Ingvil's upcoming album. Photo taken in Copenhagen, Denmark. (DR Koncerthuset, 2016). Photo: © Ann-Christin Rønbeck

The melodies, harmonies, forms, rhythms and breaks in this great music means so much to me! I have tried to stay true to the nice and lovely lyrics of Hal David in my translation/adaption.

During my studio recording, unfortunately, my father has fallen very ill. It has turned into a very turbulent time, which has influenced me and my choice of the first single (Et hus er ei et hjem/A House Is Not a Home). 



Et hus er ei et hjem/A House Is Not a Home.



Norwegian translation/adaption by Ingvil.

Recorded at Nidaros Studio, 2015/2016 by Ronny Wikmark.

Piano/Keyboard: Jeff Lorber.

Bass: Jimmy Haslip.

Drums/Percussion: Gary Novak.

Additional Keyboards, arrangements and produced by Ronny Wikmark.

1. Violin: Liv Trondsetås.

Violin and Viola: Øyvind Smith.

Guitar: Skjalg Mikalsen Raaen.

Arrangements, strings: Ronny Wikmark, Erik Berge, Øyvind Smith.

Vocal: Ingvil.

Mastering: Henning Bortne.



Sony/ATV and EMI Music Publishing.

©IBBI-Records AS.

Cover Ingvil Album.jpg
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